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Welcome to Sam Auxier, Jr's Drag Racing!

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If anyone out there has any Sam Auxier, Jr. memorabilia please let us know. We were able to locate a trading card thanks to Peter K. and Norman H. - many, many Thanks!!!. If anyone, anywhere has any other memorabilia please e-mail with any information you might have!

Personal Appearances
Carlisle, PA Ford Show Jun 3-4
Carlisle, PA GM Show Jun 24-25
Carlisle, PA Chrysler Show Jul 8-9
Carlisle, PA Corvette Show Aug 26-27

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Sam Auxier Jr has interviewed the likes of Don Snake Prudhomme, Tom Mongoose McEwen, Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney, Big Daddy - Don Garlits, Joe Amato, Sox & Martin, Bruce Larson, Larry Dixon, Danny Thompson, Gas Ronda, Steve Gibbs, Jon Lundberg, Traci Hrudka, Hubert Platt, Tommy Johnson Sr, Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins, Ramchargers, Hayden Proffitt, Roy Hill, Eddie Shartman, Mike Dunn, Roland Leong Hawaiian, Lee Holman, Holman & Moody, Don Hardy Race Cars, Doug Nash, Wayne Gapp, Arnie Beswick, Tommy Grove, Della Woods, Johnny Rocca, Tom Cotter, Brian Wolfe, Butch Leal, Dick Brannan, Ed Terry, Phil Bonner, "TV" Tommy Ivo, Kenny Youngblood, Lou Santiago, Ohio George Montgomery, and many, many, more.

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